Talk to the experts

Tuesday 22nd August 2023

Candidate - 'I've been looking since January and still really struggling with my search, either getting to latter stages or not hearing back'

Recruiter - 'Right, sure we can help. What's been your approach so far?'

Candidate - 'You're the first Recruiter I've spoken with, I've just been applying on LinkedIn.'

Recruiter - 'Right...'

Candidates if you're struggling in this market , but please make sure you are proactive in utilising your network and most importantly asking for HELP!

You're not supposed to be an expert in getting a job and that's where your network can help.

- Recruiters are a free service! Find an expert in your field and work with them closely for update on live roles / advice and intros.

- Use your network with people that know you and can recommend you! The right people will get you to the hiring table and to stand out against the 200+ applicants.

And lastly, job searching can be mentally draining so don't put all of the weight on your own shoulders & don't be afraid to ask for help!